Getting Your Publication When You Want It!

Getting Your Publication When You Want It!

After you have put the effort in to get your publication ready for print, your mind then turns to when will you see your finished product.  At Turner’s we want to make sure that your publication is delivered on time, every time.

To try and help us achieve this, but also potentially help you save money, the sooner you can let us know when your publication will be ready to print, and the date you will require delivery the better.  If you can book your job in 6-8 weeks before it will be ready for print we may also be able to offer some cost savings on paper, as we can buy specially made sizes just for your job.  For instance, on an A4 book we can buy a smaller size than is available off the shelf, with savings of 3.7% on the paper content of your job.

As soon as we receive your job we create a job ticket and load your job onto our schedule.  It doesn’t matter if your job is due in 6 weeks or 6 months, our schedule will position this based on when you will have artwork signed off, and most importantly when you require delivery.  This means as the weeks or months pass our schedule plans other work we take in around your requirements.

When approved artwork is released to us we then know we have paper in place for your job, and your slots on the resources needed to produce your publication are already reserved.

So no matter what stage of the process you are at with your publication, call Turner’s today so we can make the process work for you.