Whether it is a periodical, a marketing campaign or a specific mailer, postal rates can adversely affect your budget. Here at Turner’s our specialist mailer team are able to offer advice on how we can help you achieve cost reductions and increase your distribution effectiveness at the same time. Some
As our clients become more aware of environmental issues and how they can contribute to this, at Turners we see an increased interest in FSC paper and boards. As a publisher your public can ask ‘Is your Brochure or Book printed on paper sourced from a managed forest?’  Here at
  Over the last number of months some customers have been in touch with Turners seeking advice on how to reduce their plastic usage when purchasing print. Unfortunately not all plastic is recyclable due to its base material, the current volumes produced, contamination and mixed products. While we are seeking
After you have put the effort in to get your publication ready for print, your mind then turns to when will you see your finished product.  At Turner’s we want to make sure that your publication is delivered on time, every time. To try and help us achieve this, but
The 114th edition of Belvedere College’s Annual was finished today at Turners. A fantastic production, which was beautifully presented. It included  712 pages threadsewn and was case-bound. Why not talk with us today to see how we can help you.