Turners since 1836


Many Turner families were involved in the developing printing industry throughout Europe in the early 1800’s.

In Mohill, Co. Leitrim in the mid 1830’s James Turner and his son Robert acquired Typefaces and a “Rise & Fall” Toggle press.

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1840's - 1860's

The “Leitrim Gazette” was the first of many newspaper titles published by Robert Turner.

From the 1860’s Turners operated a printing works in both Mohill and Longford, using an assortment of toggle, platen and cylinder presses.

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The first Linotype was installed in Turners in 1912 and details of its purchase can be seen in our accounts from 1913. Five more similar machines followed over a 43 year period. (Ottmar Mergenthaler invented the Linotype in 1886, this revolutionised the spread of the printed word, preparing text 6 times faster than handsetting.)
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Roberts Grandson Harold Irvine, Editor of the “Longford Independent” succumbed at thirty two to the Spanish Influenza that swept Europe after the 1914-18 World War. (The Epidemic killed more than the World War). Harold’s widow Alice continued the business. Due to difficult trading, publishing ceased in 1922.
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Alice’s sons Eric and Harold Turner took over the company in the late 1930’s, and they gradually invested in new technology and larger premises. Both brothers remained actively involved in the family business for over 40 years.
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There was little growth due to the 1939-1945 World War. Due to the devastation in Europe, the American Dollar was all-powerful. Turner’s had to secure the good will of General Sean McKeon (government minister) in 1947 to procure Dollars to buy their first “American Miehle” Machine.
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Turner’s printed the Ingot News monthly for Richard Thomas Baldwins Ltd (UK) which came about due to a lengthy printing strike in England. A prestigious contract printing soap wrappers for Knights Castile (UK) was also undertaken in the 1950’s.
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Eric’s sons Warren & Derick Turner joined the company. Warren gained experience in the print room of “Druck Trio” in The Hague, Holland.

“This era saw changes unfold to the detriment of the printing industry in Ireland, with its membership of the E.E.C. Sean McBride was Chief Justice of the League of Nations in The Hague”.

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Bring on the Clowns! Printing contracts were undertaken for two large circus shows that visited Ireland on four occasions, Chipperfields 1956-59, Bertram Mills 1962-64.

(Turners have a large selection of Circus memorabilia on display in its stairwell.)

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The company continued to invest in technology. Four and six colour printing presses were installed for producing millions of labels weekly for canning and bottling companies, along with work for the educational and financial sectors. Turners received the ISO Quality Standard award from An Taoiseach Albert Reynolds T.D. in 1993.
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The printing presses used for the past 50 years at Turners, and indeed to this day, are made by Heidelberg and KBA, both specialist German manufacturers. In 2003, Irelands first ten colour Koenig and Bauer press was installed. A Komori ten colour press followed in 2007, and a Heidelberg Anicolour in 2011.
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A New Generation: Kerri, Warren Jnr. and Leoni Turner joined the company, with Warren and Derick who between them have over 100 years service with the company.

Time moves on: A new century – a new generation!

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Turner’s in 2015 is one of Irelands leading companies in its sector, continually investing to meet our customer’s requirements. AZURE COMMUNICATIONS, a subsidiary company specialising in innovative communication was opened in Dublin in 2014.
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